Cashmerette Lygon Robe

Cashmerette Lygon Robe


My second make from the Cashmerette Club is this slinky, sexy Lygon Robe!  The Lygon Robe is a boob-friendly robe, thanks to the French darts, which comes in two lengths.  Most of the design details come from the channel stitching throughout the pattern.  It works in a variety of woven fabrics, but I choose to make a short robe using two colors of silky satin fabric from  I recently wore this robe on vacation and it’s perfect for wearing right out of a steamy shower.  All my other robes are made from fluffy, thick materials.  While that is great, I’m in love with my new, lightweight Lygon.


Here are a few tips to help you make the Lygon Robe.  First, make sure you pick the right kind of fabric.  My other robes are slightly stretchy, but this pattern requires a non-stretch, woven fabric.  If you’re going to use different fabrics for contrast, as I did, make sure they are of similar weight and type.  For my Lygon, I choose the main fabric first on  Then, I clicked on all the fabric in that collection and chose my accent color.  Choosing two or more colorways from the same collection of fabrics is such a fun and straightforward way to add variety to your sewing project. 







My second tip is to make sure you have about twice as much thread as you would normally use for a project this size.  You’ll need to channel stitch the sleeve cuffs, pockets, belt, and neckband.  As I mentioned before, most of the design details come from the channel stitching.  If you’ve ever made quilts, you’re probably familiar with channel stitching.  I knew nothing about it and searched frantically in my stash trying to find thread in colors similar to my original thread because I ran out halfway through the project.  It worked out in the end, and I ADORE the detail, but that’s just something to watch for. 


My third and final tip is to make sure you tie and try on this robe before hemming.  I chose to make the short version, which should hit above the knee.  After I hemmed and tried it on however, it hit my mid-thigh.  Since I’ve been bountifully blessed with booty, it makes sense that the robe sits a bit higher than expected.  I love the look though, but if you want more coverage, that’s something to be aware of.  If you’re interested in trying this pattern, check out Cashmerette Club.  With a membership, you get a new pattern every month, exclusive Cashmerette discounts, access to live events and fit classes, and so much more!








By Stitch and Shimmy

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