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Silk Wilder Gown

  Whenever I have the opportunity to sew with luxurious fabrics, I waffle between wanting to make something really formal/fancy and making something more wearable (since I rarely have formal events to attend).  I can’tContinue reading

Cashmerette Roseclair Dress

  I am so incredibly honored to be one of the pattern testers for Cashmerette's new offering, the Roseclair Dress. When the Cashmerette team reached out to me in April about this collaboration between themContinue reading

Ilford Jacket Dress

  I’ve wanted to make a cute shirt dress for a while but haven’t really found any patterns that jumped out at me.  They’re either too fussy or shapeless or needlessly complicated.  Then, about aContinue reading

March Dress

  I have been in such a bright and sunny mood lately! I think it has to do with the weather and the fact that I can finally make plans to visit my friends andContinue reading