Friday Pattern Company Saturday Skirt Set Two – Electric Bougaloo

Friday Pattern Company Saturday Skirt Set Two – Electric Bougaloo


It’s the final day of Me Made May so I want to share my newest make.  Summer is in full swing and it’s time for bright and sunny clothing to match!  Using a new Minerva kit, I sewed this rainbow-themed Saturday Skirt Set by Friday Pattern Company out of a Minerva linen viscose blend fabric.  I wore this outfit to a pool party earlier this week and it was the perfect look for laughing with friends, sipping cocktails, and lounging around the pool. 


I’ve been a huge fan of Friday Pattern Company ever since I sewed my first Wilder Gown years ago.  Chelsea and her team work so hard to create beautiful, inclusive, timeless patterns and I’ve never been disappointed by anything I’ve made from FPC.  The Saturday Skirt Set is another stunning success in my opinion.  I made my first set when the pattern was initially released in December 2022.  Since then, I’ve seen so many gorgeous sets be sewn by other makers – I knew I wanted to make another one.  But in this world of so many fabric choices, I can admit that I sometimes get decision paralysis.  That’s why I’m so thankful for the Minerva kits.  The Minerva team has specially chosen each fabric to work great with the pattern, so you don’t have to stress about fabric width, type, weight, etc.







While I previously sewed this set in a slinky Ecovero viscose, I was excited to see the difference when sewing a more substantial fabric.  While some might assume linen would be stiffer, this Minerva blend is far from stiff.  It softened beautifully after laundering but kept the vibrant colors that initially attracted me to the fabric.  There are many Minerva exclusive linen viscose blends to choose from, but the Bubble Lights design is something special.  It looks like light dancing across a glimmering pool of water.  I found the fabric to be completely opaque, so there’s no need for a lining.  This is great because the fabric breathes really well and, despite being medium weight, moves through the air beautifully.  The fabric frayed only slightly while sewing, but that was easily fixed with a quick run through the serger.


I’m OBSESSED with how good my Saturday Skirt Set turned out!  Crop tops are a no-no for the office, but I can see myself rocking the skirt with many different tops.  Because there are so many colors in the fabric, it’ll be easy to coordinate stylish looks in a snap.  I think this skirt would pair well with sweaters as a transitional piece too.  The possibilities are endless!









By Stitch and Shimmy

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