Cinnamon Daisy Willow Dress

Cinnamon Daisy Willow Dress


Last night, I had the immense privilege of witnessing my friends Ian and Patrick join their lives together in marriage.  It was so beautiful and romantic and everything a wedding should be.  There was even a surprise draq performance.  Are you truly having a wedding if there are no surprises?  I think not.  I LOVE WEDDINGS!  I especially love weddings with specific dress codes!  Last night’s dress code was cocktail attire with a nod to French New Wave.  This is such a particular design idea that I couldn’t wait to make something for the occasion.  After much research and debate, I decided to make the Willow Dress by Cinnamon Daisy in a pastel rainbow suiting fabric by Minerva


The explosion of pastel colors and a bold check pattern is just the fashionable vibe I was going for.  The Minerva Core Range Polyester Viscose Suiting fabric comes in 91 different colors, and I chose pastel.  It’s a dreamy twist on a traditional design that I’m just obsessed with.  This medium weight fabric launders perfectly and didn’t lose any color.  The weave is a little loose, so it’s important to finish all your seams.  The Willow Dress pattern recommends flat felling seams, but I decided to use my serger instead.  Suiting isn’t the first fabric that comes to mind when thinking of summer weddings, but I loved it!  It kept me cozy when the air conditioning became overly aggressive but kept me cool enough to not overheat on the dance floor.







Emma from Cinnamon Daisy reached out to me way back in January and graciously sent me a copy of her Willow Dress pattern.  This size-inclusive pattern ranges from a 34 inch hip to a 63 inch hip.  This is such a lovely pattern, and it was a breeze to sew!  Willow has multiple options for lengths and sleeves and can even be made into a top.  One of my favorite things about this dress is the side ties.  At first, I was confused how they would work, but once the dress was complete, I realized how effective and charming the ties are.


 Another feature that I loved are the pockets!  Dress patterns with pockets should be standard, but we all know it’s more of an exception than the rule.  I chose the knee-length dress with puff sleeves – perfect for the youthful vibe of 1960s France.  I’m really looking forward to making more Willows in the future.  I think it would be fun to play around with the neckline, especially on a top.









By Stitch and Shimmy

*Photo by Carrie at the Dancers Eye -*

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  1. Can I say I opened your page and immediately smiled. Thank you for brightening my day!! Just by seeing your face. Now to that dress. How pretty! And it looks amazing on you. The fabric is so pretty and the party is definitely in the back. What a great neckline in the back. That said, pockets should be in everything. So handy.

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