Closet Core Fran Pajamas

Closet Core Fran Pajamas


Guess what – it’s carnival season!!!  While Mardi Gras isn’t until next week, the parties have been happening since January.  Last night, I spent my evening at a Mardi Gras party with the Queen of Bounce, Big Freedia.  It was an absolute blast, but since I’m solidly middle-aged, I’m spending today recovering.  I’m trading in my business casual for new, cozy Closet Core Fran Pajamas.  Using purple cotton shirting from Minerva, I sewed up these pajamas over the rainy weekend.  They have an oversized fit, which is perfect after a long night twerking like you aren’t in your 40s.


I’m still increasing the number of purple items in my wardrobe, so I was thrilled to receive this crisp cotton shirting fabric from Minerva in purple.  This fabric also comes in red, blue, and pink.  The color stayed true after laundering and was a breeze to sew.  The shirting is lightweight and feels great against my skin.  I typically don’t sleep in pajamas because I tend to get hot throughout the night, but this fabric is the perfect weight for lounging around during chilly mornings without getting me too hot.







When I started sewing Fran, it was fairly late in the evening, so I planned on making the pants first since I knew those would be the easiest.  Lucky for me, the instructions suggest making the pants first.  For the most part, the instructions were very clear and straightforward, especially if you’ve worked with any Closet Core patterns in the past.  I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of the burrito method, but I’m guessing this will be a common stumbling block.  Thankfully, there’s an extensive video tutorial on how to sew the back yoke using the burrito method taught by Closet Core stars Judith and Monseratt.  One notable thing about Fran is that this is the first pattern that uses Closet Core’s new alpha sizing. Previous patterns have been split between 0-20 and 14-32 sizes. Fran combines those ranges and uses XXS-4X sizing and goes up to a 62″ hip. I’m not sure what cup size the new alpha sizing uses, especially since Fran is made to be gender neutral, but I think I’ll either lengthen the top or add an FBA. My boobs take up considerable yardage and makes to the ride up a bit too much for my liking.

The pants have juicy, deep pockets, an elastic waistband, and an optional drawstring.  The buttoned top has a boob pocket that I’ll probably never use, but I like that it’s there.  There’s a split hem facing that I thought would be a nightmare to insert but turned out to be pretty easy as long as you closely read the instructions.  There are a lot of fun techniques used and I agree with Closet Core that this is an intermediate-difficulty pattern.  The top is so versatile and depending on the fabric you use, you can hack this pattern to make a top to wear outside the luxury of your home.  I’m pretty sure this purple top would work as a light jacket over jeans and a tee.  In fact, there’s a tutorial that shows you how to make a jacket using this pattern.  Secret pajamas for the win! 








By Stitch and Shimmy

*Photo by Carrie at the Dancers Eye -*

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  1. How cute!! And I love the color. The PJ’s look great on you. As this is my favorite style of pajamas it looks like I will have to check this pattern out. I like solid colors too with contrasting piping so I think definitely this one goes on my list. Thanks for this.

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