Seamwork Cal

Seamwork Cal


Happy April!!!  Fun fact about me – I loathe April Fool’s Day.  It just seems like an excuse for people to throw unfunny lies around under the guise of “jokes”.  Rarely, a company will create an April Fool’s prank that’s semi-humorous, but usually it’s just cringe-inducing.  I also don’t enjoy pranks or roasts, so there’s gotta be a common thread for this type of entertainment that just turns me off.  I mentioned all that because I’m so thankful for this month’s new Seamwork patterns!  No pranks, no jokes – just cozy pajama pieces that I can lounge around in.  Introducing Cal – a knit pajama set featuring a racer-back tank top and faux fly boxer shorts.  The member bonus creates petal wrap shorts.  The same day I received these patterns, Girl Charlee had a huge sale on their sweater knits.  In addition to some other fabrics, I picked up these soft hacci striped knits. I LOVE these pajamas!  They are insanely comfortable and keep me cool while I sleep.


For the yellow set, I made Cal with a few adjustments.  I omitted the buttons, lengthened the tank by three inches, and narrowed the arm holes by an inch.  The fabric I used has 55% stretch, so I could probably narrow the arms even more.  In fact, I probably could’ve sized the entire set down a few sizes, but I’m digging this slouchy, slightly oversized look.  I think this tank would make an excellent nightgown if lengthened a few more inches.






For the red set, I made Cal with the bonus petal shorts.  I omitted the bar tacks on the shorts and left the edges raw.  I’m really digging these unfinished hems.  Because I used knits, I didn’t have to worry about fraying.  These petal shorts are PERFECTION!  Even without the bar tacks to provide extra coverage, I was never afraid of flashing cheeks.  The Cal bonus shorts are officially my go-to pattern for knits.  I see a lot of shorts in my future, so I hope y’all are ready for these thighs!  This is a pretty easy pattern to make, but if you’re interested, Seamwork is offering a free video sewalong for Cal.  Click here for more info!


Pajamas are such a forgotten part of my wardrobe.  I know that I’ve often thrown on an old band or charity t-shirt to sleep in – sexy, I know.  Now with these cute pajama sets, I can use my old tees for their intended purposes – to wear while cleaning and working out.









By Stitch and Shimmy

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