Stitch and Shimmy!

Butterfly Dress

  Do you have anyone whose designs you look at and just think "Ugh, I would wear every single thing you make?"  For me, that designer is Teuta Matoshi.  She makes these gorgeously romantic dressesContinue reading

Silk Wilder Gown

  Whenever I have the opportunity to sew with luxurious fabrics, I waffle between wanting to make something really formal/fancy and making something more wearable (since I rarely have formal events to attend).  I can’tContinue reading

Seamwork Tai

  HAPPY FEBRUARY!!! I hope everyone had a great start to 2021 and is ready for some new patterns from Seamwork. It's been so hard to not scream this from the mountaintop, but... Y'ALL! SEAMWORKContinue reading