Beckett Overalls

Beckett Overalls


Introducing one of Seamwork’s new patterns for August – Beckett! These overalls are super cute and easily customizable to suit your needs and tastes. I made the Beckett overalls out of a lightweight linen (from and trimmed the inseam down to three inches. I added front pockets and skipped the top-stitching, because I wanted it to look super casual. The pattern calls for 3/4 inch grommets, but I could only find 1/2 grommets and they worked perfectly.

The next time I make this, I think I’m going to add some elastic or belt loops to bring in my waist a little. This was my first time working with grommets and installing jeans buttons, but both tasks were a breeze! Shout out to my cast iron skillet. I don’t have a sewing anvil. I do have a ton of cast iron cookware, however, and they worked perfectly as a substitute! I flipped this small skillet over, covered it with a couple paper towels and got busy!









By Stitch and Shimmy

*Photo by Carrie at the Dancers Eye -*

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