Friday Pattern Company Butano Button Up

Friday Pattern Company Butano Button Up


Introducing the Butano Button Up, the latest offering from Friday Pattern Company.  Butano is your classic camp shirt with some fun added features.  I was lucky enough to work as a tester for this pattern and it’s been a much-needed addition to my handmade wardrobe.  Butano is for woven fabrics and can be sewn with long or short sleeves.  It has a really cool chest pocket (which is high praise from me), a back pleat, and a locker loop.  I didn’t even know what a locker loop was until I sewed this! 


But my favorite part of this pattern is the addition of the neckerchief.  I LOVE this neckerchief!  It’s just the cutest, most versatile bonus piece and I can see myself using this pattern to make tons of neckerchiefs out of scrap fabric.  For this pattern, I went deep in my stash and used Paintbrush Studio Curious – Bright quilting cotton from the Wonder collection.  It’s such a bright and happy design that fits perfectly with the vibes of the Butano.  To celebrate the launch of the pattern, use code BUTANO to save 25% off your purchase.  This is a limited time offer, so get yours at now!





Butano is a fun and easy garment to sew, but be sure to pay attention to the instructions to avoid any missteps.  As I mentioned before, Butano has a great chest pocket.  As a busty chick, I usually skip chest pockets because I don’t need any added bulk on my chest.  Butano’s chest pocket is a 2 in 1 pocket – a regular-sized pocket with a tiny side pocket for pencils/pens.  It’s just so darn cute!  Another feature that I loved is the locker loop.  Who knew that a tiny strip of fabric could boost a garment so much?!  Finally, I need to talk about the collar stands.  Admittedly, I had zero idea what the collar stands were for while I was sewing them.  Then, I realized that you could pull the neckerchief through the stands and my mind was blown!  Obsessed!


I purchased this fabric on a whim several years ago from (RIP).  The modern design, bright colorblocks, and unique style really spoke to me.  I also picked up a couple of yards of the Hope – Bright fabric from the same collection.  Originally, I was going to sew my Butano out of the Hope fabric, but quickly realized that I didn’t have enough yardage.  I’m so thankful that past me ordered more yardage of the Curious fabric.  High five, past me!  Like most quilting cottons, this fabric laundered beautifully and kept its bright color.  An additional challenge for this fabric was the fact that it’s sat on my fabric wall for several years, but it never lost its color and there are no sun-lightened spots.  It’s buttery soft against my skin and was a delight to sew with.  Fabrics like this are the reason why I started out sewing apparel with mostly quilting cottons.  They just work.









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