Closet Core Crew Periwinkle

Closet Core Crew Periwinkle


My love affair with Closet Core Crew continues (say that five times fast). This time, I made Periwinkle, a sleeveless, buttoned shirtdress with side slits for maximum breeziness. It has in-seam pockets (yay for not having to add my own), a rounded band collar, and dropped shoulders.  I kept it in the (company) family for my fabric choice.  The fabric I used is a violet and cream Scandi Folk Print cotton poplin that I purchased from Core Fabrics.  It’s such a light and gorgeous fabric, that I knew it would be a perfect match for Periwinkle. 


If you’ve ever sewn Closet Core’s Kalle, then making Periwinkle will be a breeze!  The patterns are similar, but to me, they are different enough to warrant owning both.  Even if you’re not familiar with Kalle, the instructions are easy to follow.  I think the most complicated step is using the burrito method, which always gives me pause no matter how many times I use it.  I think once I see “burrito method,” I stop reading the directions and work until it makes sense to me.  I’m sure this isn’t the best technical way to sew, but it works for me.  One cool thing about Periwinkle is that the pockets are sewn in a way that I’ve never sewn pockets before.  They are anchored to the front in a cool way that’s worth checking out.







I placed my first order from Core Fabrics recently and this violet and cream cotton poplin was one of my selections.  The fabric feels so soft against my skin and knowing that this fabric was made in France by a heritage textile producer makes me feel extra fancy.  Washing multicolored fabric, especially fabric with a white or ivory base, can always be a gamble because there’s the chance for bleeding.  This is one of my favorite ways to test the quality of a fabric.  This poplin laundered well and I didn’t notice any color fading or bleeding.  It sewed up beautifully, and while I wish it were a little bit more opaque, it’s still work-appropriate. At the time of publishing, this fabric is available and on sale for 30% off, so I suggest ordering it asap.









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