Closet Core Mitchell Trousers

Closet Core Mitchell Trousers


I’m still solidly in my coastal grandmother mood and do you know what every coastal grandmother needs?  Pastel linen pants.  I don’t make the rules – I just follow them.  Thankfully, I was fortunate to receive the Mitchell Trousers pattern from Closet Core Patterns.  This pattern, inspired by folk rock goddess Joni Mitchell, is one of their newest patterns and it’s perfect for the changing seasons.  I paired the Mitchell Trousers with this perfectly purple Minerva Core Range 100% linen noil from Minerva.  These high-waisted pants come in two fit options and have some really adorable details throughout the garment.  It’s a slightly complicated pattern, but certainly doable in a weekend.  While my last coastal grandmother make was perfect for cocktails at sunset, I see these pants as ideal for listening to music around a fire pit with friends and trying to decide which version of “Both Sides Now” is the best version.  In case you’re curious, the answer is Joni’s performance at An All-Star Tribute to Joni Mitchell in 2000.


I noticed a shocking lack of purple in my wardrobe and lucky for me, Minerva was able to help me with this problem.  Their 100% linen noil is soft, swishy and comes in dozens of colors.  I chose purple, which is a really beautiful, rich lilac.  There was a bit of fraying when manipulating the fabric, but this was easily solved by finishing the seams.  I would highly recommend either serging, binding with bias tape, or using a French or flat felled seam.  Like any linen, it doesn’t stay wrinkle-free for long, but that’s part of the charm of linen.  I wore these pants to work, and they held up beautifully, even though there was a bit of creasing from sitting at a desk for 9 hours.







As I mentioned up top, the Mitchell Trousers come in two fit options.  The first option is a tapered leg that ends at the ankle.  The second option, and the option I chose, is the floor-length wide leg fit.  Mitchell has a sleeker waistband look than most pants do, and I think that’s partially due to the hidden waistband facing.  I typically stay away from pleated front pants (who wants more volume around the belly?), but these pleats are surprisingly flattering and chic.  To keep the waistband and sleek as possible, I used a hook and bar closure instead of a button to close the top of the fly. 


I think my favorite detail on the Mitchell Trousers are the adjustable waist straps.  As the fibers in fabric relax, I notice that my perfectly tailored pants can sometimes get a little large around the waist.  These straps help fix that and they’re a really stylish addition.  There are optional back pockets, which I of course added.  I’m never saying no to a pocket, especially if I can add cute buttons to those pockets.  The instructions and the video sewalong made this task really easy.  One thing to note is that these pants were really long on me.  I’m 5’7 and had to hem my pants by six inches to get the right length.  That’s no big deal, but it’s something to take note of if you’re shorter than me or short on fabric.








By Stitch and Shimmy

*Photo by Carrie at the Dancers Eye -*

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