Lahja Dressing Gown

Lahja Dressing Gown


Is there anything better than a nice, cozy robe?  Robes are one of those items that seem like a simple purchase, but it can be incredibly frustrating to find the right one.  I often feel like Goldilocks when shopping for robes – this one is too short, that one is too thin, another one is an ugly color.  Thankfully, Minerva sent me the Lahja Robe kit with everything I need to make my own perfect robe!  The kit comes with the Named Lahja dressing gown printed pattern, navy fleece sweatshirt fabric, interfacing, matching thread and a pack of needles.  This was a quick project that I finished in one day.  It’s so thick, cozy and perfect for wearing straight from the bath (or in my case, straight from the shower and lounging in for about an hour or so while I watch YouTube).


The Lahja Dressing Gown by Named is a unisex pattern that comes in US sizes 0-24 and has two length options for the sleeves and the robe.  According to the package, “lahja” means “gift” in Finnish.  While this robe would be an excellent gift, even opening the pattern made me feel like I was unwrapping a special present.  The pattern looks and feels so luxurious!  Before this kit, I’d never heard of Named, so it was such a delight to discover a new brand.  The provided sweatshirt fabric pairs perfectly with this pattern, although you could also choose a lighter fabric, such as terry cloth, natural linen, or satin.







I really love the way Minerva puts these kits together.  It takes the guess work out of sewing projects because you don’t have to spend time looking through your stash and scramble from store to store hunting for supplies.  The robe is made from a stunning navy fleece back sweatshirt knit fabric.  It’s a heavyweight fabric that’s so soft, you can’t help but snuggle into it.  I can totally see this “dressing gown” quickly becoming my “watching TV gown” or my “reading on the sofa gown”.  The pattern instructions were easy to follow, although I did make few changes to fit my taste and the fabric.



Widened back pieces by 1.5 inches each

Lengthened collar pieces by 1.5 inches each

Lengthened belt by 7 inches

Long sleeves with shorter, knee length gown

Cut belt loops ½ inch wider and only folded once (I would suggest doing this if you’re working with a thicker fabric.

Finished the belt loops with a triple stitch


The result is an unbelievably cozy, slightly oversized robe with deep pockets that I just adore!  This robe was so much fun to make.  It’s a quick project with a large payoff, so I’m tempted to make more.  I’ve thought about handing out homemade onesies for Christmas gifts this year, but who knows – I just might slip a few robes in there too!








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