Leonis Sewing Kit Deluxe

Leonis Sewing Kit Deluxe


[AD] Spring is just around the corner and I honestly can’t wait. For the past few weeks, the weather has shifted between being sunny with warm, summery temperatures, and rainy with wintry temps. For example, last week’s temperatures were in the 70s, but then we got snow over the weekend. While I don’t know exactly what I’ll be wearing from day to day, I know that thanks to the Sewing Kit Deluxe I received from Leonis, I’ll be prepared in case any of my clothes need mending while I’m out and about.


This sewing kit is so cute and is the perfect apparel support tool for my sewing needs. The kit is housed inside a sturdy tin can, which is great because I’m a little clumsy and have been known to drop, well, everything! The palm-sized can holds everything I need and is compact enough to fit in my purse or even my dress pocket. This kit contains buttons, safety pins, a pair of scissors, needles, needle threader, elastic, a pincushion, tweezers, a bodkin, a leather thimble, a spool of clear thread, and (my favorite part) 30 COLORS OF SEWING THREAD! The thread is loosely woven in a way that it’s really easy to pull the thread color you need, while the rest of the threads stay woven together and organized. Many thanks to Leonis for reaching out and sending me this high quality deluxe sewing kit! If you want your own, visit or search “Leonis Sewing Kit” in Amazon. Happy Sewing!








By Stitch and Shimmy

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