Cashmerette Roseclair Dress

Cashmerette Roseclair Dress


I am so incredibly honored to be one of the pattern testers for Cashmerette’s new offering, the Roseclair Dress. When the Cashmerette team reached out to me in April about this collaboration between them and Melanated Fabrics (run by Mimi G and Brittany J. Jones), I couldn’t say yes fast enough! Both women are huge inspirations (and I owe much of my early sewing knowledge to Mimi G’s blog). I made Roseclair using View A (ankle-length three-tiered skirt with bishop sleeves and large angled cuffs) in this breathtaking Dali Poplin Print with black and white dots from Melanated Fabrics. Based on my measurements, I sewed a G/H cup bodice, 28 chest and sleeves, 30 waist, 32 hip, 26 cuff and I added 4 inches to the top tier of the skirt (I’m 5’7). Making Roseclair was a really fun project and it’s great for working on over the course of a few days. The rayon poplin fabric is so lovely and easy to work with and the pairing with the Roseclair pattern is a perfect match. A few times during the process, I would wrap the skirt around my waist and just swish around!







Usually I have more to say about a project, but this make has just been a breeze from start to finish! I’ve tried (and failed) at making wrap dresses in the past. Either the waist was too tight or there was crazy gaping at the bust or it just didn’t work for me. Other than completing the skirt before the finishing the bodice (again, to swish around), I followed the instructions and had no issues. I really can’t recommend this pattern enough. The Roseclair is available for purchase now at this link.   If you fell in love with this fabric as much as I did, you’re in luck. This poplin (along with the golden floral poplin from my last post) can be purchased at Melanated Fabrics. They’re being extra awesome by offering 10% off their entire store with code CASHMERETTE10 (through June 26, 2021).  If, for some reason, you’re still not convinced, check out the Roseclair Revelry party over on Cashmerette’s blog!  









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