Seamwork Farah

Seamwork Farah


So, I’m not a plant mom.  I’ve tried several times over the years, but I don’t have great luck keeping green things alive.  I think plants are beautiful and can add so much to a home, but until I get a gardener, my home will remain plantless.  Therefore, I’m forced to get my plant fix in other ways, such as in this cozy Monstera knit fabric from Minerva.  I used it to sew one of Seamwork’s recent patterns, the Farah wrap top.  Farah has a deep V neckline that can be worn with or without a camisole underneath.  Farah is named after one of my fellow Seamwork Ambassadors – check out Farah’s gorgeous makes by clicking here!

Farah is a really quick make and perfect for resetting your sewing mojo.  I sewed up Farah after completing a new pattern that’s bordering on disastrous.  There are so many alterations that I need to make so the garment is salvageable, that I couldn’t bear working on it anymore.  So, I turned to Farah.  This easy and instinctive pattern completely lifted my mood and is able to be completed in an afternoon.  At first, I planned to sew Farah with the bonus ¾-length gathered sleeve.  It adds a bohemian chic look to the pattern that I’m really drawn towards.  Ultimately, I decided to sew the original Farah with long fitted sleeves.  The temperatures have finally started to drop, and I need some warm clothing.  Plus, I think it will be easier to layer with the longer sleeves.







The fabric that I used is a Minerva Exclusive Monstera Street Sweater Knit Stretch fabric.  It’s a medium weight fabric with a 70% stretch and a comfy feel on the skin.  Since the fabric is two shades of grey (light and dark) any garment you make with it should pair well color wise.  After laundering, the fabric softened slightly, which made it even cozier.  It didn’t pill and the colors didn’t run after laundering, which is great because the Monstera print is absolutely beautiful.  Sewing with this fabric was a breeze.  There was no fraying or warping and the fabric never snagged on a needle or the feed dogs.  As I always do when working with knits, I used a new, ballpoint needle when sewing.  I used my serger to finish the seams, but this fabric also worked well using a zigzag stitch.  I didn’t try using a twin needle, but I think this fabric would work well with that too.


I really can’t rave about this pattern and this fabric enough!  I’ve been a Seamwork Ambassador for so long that it’s easy to take for granted how wonderful and user-friendly their patterns are.  In the two years I’ve worked with Minerva, they’ve really raised the bar for what a consumer can expect from a fabric shop.  From their vast selection of designer fabrics to their Minerva exclusive lines, I don’t know of anywhere else with as many fabric options.









By Stitch and Shimmy

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