Seamwork Flor

Seamwork Flor


A few weeks ago, my friend Tina sent me a TikTok with a note saying “I saw this and now I want to see you in a sequined cardigan.” I watched the clip of a stunningly stylish young woman wearing a sequin duster in various ways, and I knew right then that I needed to make one for myself. Using fabric provided by Minerva, I used the Lady McElroy Sequin Knit fabric and Flor cardigan pattern by Seamwork to make this sequin duster. It’s such a simple piece that classes up even the most casual outfit. Here I paired it with a tee shirt from Historically Black Apparel, Meuse Jeans from Universal Standard and sneakers from G.H. Bass & Co. I think I’m steadily on my way to being able to flash a bit of sequins every time I get dressed!


This duster was an absolute breeze to make and was completed in one afternoon. I omitted the interfacings, the tie belt and loops and lengthened the pattern by 15 inches. I also added two large pockets on the front pieces. I used the pocket patterns from Friday Pattern Company’s Heather Blazer, but you can use any patch pocket pattern you prefer. I chose this pattern over other cardigan patterns because its simple silhouette allows the fabric to shine. There’s no buttonholes or hooks to bother with since the only closure is the previously mentioned omitted tie. This duster is truly more for style than warmth, but it’s great for the currently unpredictable temperatures as the weather transitions from winter to spring. It’s a perfect layering piece that I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to make it.







This fabric, sent to me from Minerva, was a delight to sew with. This is a midweight, breathable knit fabric that’s absolutely loaded with shiny black sequins. I am more accustomed to working with reversible, or mermaid, sequins which can be a bit difficult to sew and the cut sequins can be sharp and scratch the wearer’s skin if not covered by another material, such as a lining or seam binding ribbon. Because this Lady McElroy knit sequin fabric uses sequins that are sewn flat, it was much easier to work with. I was even able to finish the seams using my serger/overlock machine! I had to sew very carefully and slower than normal (and I broke a needle), but the finish is so professional looking that I don’t have to worry about any sequin scratches. I’ve received a few different fabrics from Lady McElroy and I’m always impressed with how lovely they are.


All in all, this duster was a sewing triumph. From receiving the inspiration from a friend, picking the pattern and fabric, to the actual fabrication, I enjoyed every step of this make. It’s not very often a project comes together without a hiccup here and there. I think the hardest part was figuring out the perfect placement for the pockets! I highly recommend both the Flor cardigan pattern from Seamwork and the Lady McElroy Sequin Knit fabric from Minerva.








By Stitch and Shimmy

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