Seamwork Tai – Version 3

Seamwork Tai – Version 3


This Valentine’s Day, I decided to put some of my self-love on display.  Get your mind out of the gutter – I’m talking about sewing and wearing one of my favorite patterns!  While I have well over 100 sewing patterns, there is one that holds the number one spot in my heart – the Tai Tunic and Dress pattern by Seamwork.  I mean, I try not to be much of  a narcissist, but if you name a pattern after me, I’m probably going to love it.  When this pattern was first released in February 2021, I instantly made an African print dress and a sequined tunic top.  This time, I wanted something soft and pink, so I used the Minerva Core Range Jacquard Textured Stretch Knit fabric in the color Pink.  I sewed up Tai in one afternoon and wore it out for Valentine’s Day, the day before all my favorite candies go on sale.  This was a perfectly quick project that gives you big payoff with not too much effort.

The first time I made Tai, I added pockets to the dress.  I thought about adding them this time again but decided against it.  I wanted this dress to also work as a long tunic to be layered over leggings, so I skipped the pockets.  The gusset at the neckline is so stylish and easy to achieve.  It gives the neckline a lovely boatneck look, but without going through the hassle of finding bra strap-friendly boatnecks.  The only alteration I made to the project was that I trimmed the sleeves to give them a closer fit.







The fabric I used from Minerva is absolutely lovely!  The Minerva Core Range Jacquard Textured Stretch Knit fabric looks like a cute, tiny cable knit sweater.  It’s a medium weight knit with 40% stretch, so perfect for the Tai pattern.  I received the color pink, but there are 22 colors in total.  In addition to the pink, I also really liked dark aqua, orange, and magenta.  The fabric sewed beautifully and kept its color after laundering.  Another big plus for this fabric is that I experience zero pilling.  I wore this dress to work yesterday, to dinner afterwards, and during errands.  Throughout all of these activities, the dress remained pill-free.  I mainly used my serger to make Tai, so if you don’t have one, be sure to finish your seams in the way you see fit.  Since the fabric is a bit thick, I’d probably stay away from French seams or a bias bound seam.  Pinking shears or zigzag stitches would work just as well and wouldn’t add any bulk to the seams.


All in all, this was a fabulous pattern with fabulous fabric that resulted in a fabulous garment.  It made yesterday’s made-up holiday a little bit more special for me.  I can’t think of anything more loving  than that!








By Stitch and Shimmy

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