Tilly and the Buttons Skye

Tilly and the Buttons Skye


When I first made the switch from costume making to garment sewing, one of the first things I looked for is a brand’s size chart. There’s no point in falling in love with a pattern if I’ll have to make major adjustments for it to fit my body. I started out sewing the four major brands and then eventually abandoned them for independent companies because indie brands usually have more expansive sizing. If the size chart worked for me, great! I’d continue checking out their pattern offerings. If a size chart didn’t work for me, I made a mental note and moved along to the next brand. One of the brands I made a mental note about was Tilly and the Buttons. Imagine my surprise when the company reached out to me and wanted to send me a copy of their latest pattern, the Skye Sundress. I had no idea they were expanding their sizing (remember the whole moving along part), so after looking over the size chart for Skye, I was thrilled to receive a printed copy of the UK 16-34 pattern!


Since this was my first time sewing a Tilly and the Buttons pattern, I was really pleased to see how clear the instructions were written and how quickly this dress came together. It’s a simple, pocketed sundress with two options for straps, three options for lengths, and a world of possibilities for hacking. I chose my size based on the size chart, but since the silhouette is so relaxed, I’ll probably go down a size or two, so it fits better. If anything, I’ll shrink the arm holes and extend the side seams to give a slightly tighter fit from the bust up.







The fabric that I’m using is a beautifully vibrant, royal blue cotton lawn by Dashwood Studio. It was sent to me by Minerva and was perfect for this project as it’s cool and light, but also opaque enough that I didn’t have to bother with a lining. This fabric kept its vibrancy after laundering and didn’t fray while I was sewing. The design, which is chockful of stylized flowers and colorful hearts, pairs well with the simple silhouette of Skye. I used a 12mm bias tape maker to create matching bias tape and the fabric held up wonderfully through all the sewing, folding, and steaming. I think this fabric would be fabulous as a blouse or even a fun, button up shirt.


I’m so glad Tilly and the Buttons reached out to me regarding Skye. There are so many indie pattern makers that I haven’t bothered to go back and check out brands that I’ve previously dismissed. Part of me feels like I should go and revisit a few brands, but a casual Google search showed me there’s no need for that. It’s easy to see that not much has changed since I first looked a few years ago.








By Stitch and Shimmy

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