Wilder Gown

Wilder Gown


Happy Friday!  Did anyone else wake up smiling with hope in their heart?  Feels good.


Today’s make is all about things that make me feel good.  Lush prints? Check!  Reliable sewing pattern? Check!  A make that I can wear three seasons out of the year? CHECK!  Using Lady McElroy Viscose Challis provided by Minerva, I made a hacked Wilder Gown with a slightly squared neckline and bishop sleeves. I also added elastic to my waist and, of course, POCKETS.


The Wilder Gown is one of my favorite dress patterns.  It’s an easy to make gown with clear instructions.  I love it so much that even though I have several Wilders, I have to talk myself out of making more!  This Wilder is the result of me allowing myself to make a new gown as long I took one element of the original pattern and hacked it up.  I chose to hack Wilder’s signature ruffled neckline.  To alter my neckline, I simply cut my bodice and sleeve pieces at the XS line, sewed the pieces together as instructed, and then played round with the neckline until I was satisfied.  The end result is a slightly rounded square neckline, which I think plays well with the billowy softness of the rest of the garment.  I finished it with matching bias tape.  For the sleeves, I added 10 inches in length, gathered the fabric at the cuff, and again, finished it with matching bias tape.  By the way, if you haven’t invested in a bias tape maker yet, now’s the time!  I love making bias tape out of my scraps.  It cuts down on fabric waste and adds a professional look to your projects.  It really is a product that gives you the most bang for your buck.







Now let’s talk about this fabric!  Minerva sent me this stunning lightweight challis in this really cool, green retro print.  It has kisses of pink, mustard, and white that warm up the green tones.  I was slightly concerned that the fabric would lose some vibrancy after I laundered it, but thankfully, it’s just as rich and luxurious as it was before I washed it.  It is so silky and light but is sturdy and opaque enough that I can wear it fall through spring. While it is on the silkier side, it didn’t fray or slip around my sewing machine.  It was really easy to work with and flows so well.  It also feels smooth against the skin, so there’s no need to line it or add bulk to the fabric.  I can just imagine how great this fabric would look as a swimsuit cover-up or beachy loungewear.  There’s a slight mechanical stretch in the fabric and I think that’s part of the reason this fabric is so form flattering.  


I truly love this dress.  It was completed in a day but will bring me joy for years to come.  I’ve said before but I’m thriving in quarantine.  Things are starting to look better out in the world, but until it’s safe to socialize again, I’ll be here, at home, making beautiful things that bring me joy.









By Stitch and Shimmy

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