Seamwork Quince and Joss

Seamwork Quince and Joss


I think it’s time for some Secret Pajamas! I made this cozy lounge set using Seamwork’s Quince and Joss patterns and Mind The MAKER Ecovero Viscose Challis fabric provided by Minerva. Combined with a comfy tee (this one is the Isna Raw Edge Tee from Universal Standard), you’ve got a look that can take you to the office (whenever it reopens) to a night out (when it’s safe) to your couch (yay!).

The Quince day robe has so many optional elements that it’s really easy to find the perfect combination. I made Version 2 (the jacket), omitted the cuffs along with the belt and belt loops. I also moved the pockets closer the the front neckline. Originally placed, the pockets were at an odd angle for my hands, and there was no way I wasn’t adding pockets! For the Joss pants, I made these wide legs even wider and lengthened them to floor length. I omitted the patch pockets and added in-seam pockets instead. Both projects were quick, easy makes, but the Quince is a bit more complicated due to the neckline and all the fun options. I made this set in a weekend and still had time to get gussied up to take pictures.







This fabric was really easy to work with and launder. I had no problems with fraying or sliding around my machine. This fabric wrinkled a bit more than I expected, but wrinkles easily disappeared once I gave it a nice steam press with my iron. Mind the Maker has some of the most beautiful fabrics I’ve ever seen! I literally gasped when Minerva sent me pictures of this fabric. It’s absolutely stunning. This particular print is called “Circle Around” and features these gorgeous gold circles all over a deep green fabric. My camera freaks out over certain colors, but the pictures on are true to life. I’d never heard of Mind the Maker before, so I looked them up and found this quote about their production processes: “With our infinite respect for all species and the nature, we aim to leave a beautiful world to the next generations, forming our production line and our manufacturing methods in a nature conscious manner.” So lovely! The fabric is made from 100% Lenzing EcoVero Viscose. I’d never heard of this kind of textile before, so, again, I decided to research it. Lenzing EcoVero is made using an eco-responsible production process to turn certified renewable wood sources into sustainable fibers. How cool is that?! I think when the words “sustainable fabrics” pop up, many of us think of boring beige linens and rough textiles made from recycled plastics. I’m so thankful that tech is changing to allow us to enjoy beautiful fabrics like these in an eco-friendly way.









By Stitch and Shimmy

*Photo by Carrie at the Dancers Eye -*

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