“Ahead of the Curve” by Jenny Rushmore Review

“Ahead of the Curve” by Jenny Rushmore Review


When I first received my complimentary copy of Cashmerette founder Jenny Rushmore’s new book, “Ahead of the Curve“, my plan was to power through and whip up one of the included patterns to go with my review.  Once I started reading, however, there are so many tips and tricks that I’ve decided to take my time and really absorb the material.  As a self-taught sewist, I’ve seen my share of sewing books, but the vast majority of them are written with the straight-sized sewist in mind.  Just like I rarely work with straight-sized patterns because they need tons of alterations, I don’t learn much from sewing books that completely ignore my body type.  “Ahead of the Curve” is an absolute godsend for curvy sewists!


Ahead of the Curve” is broken up into three chapters:  Preparation, Fitting, and Patterns.  The Preparation chapter deals with fitting basics, such as how to take your measurements, how to read pattern sizes and the different types of toiles/muslins (if you don’t know what a toile/muslin is, then you DEFINITELY need this book).  The largest section of the book (and IMHO, the most important part) is Chapter 2:  Fitting.  This chapter is broken out into five Fit Clinics – Bust, Shoulders and Neck, Arms, Back, and Lower Half.  Fitting is by far the biggest gripe when it comes to clothing and Jenny offers solutions for every fitting issue imaginable.  I’m talking bust adjustments, forward shoulder adjustments, gaping neckline adjustments, full bicep adjustments, rounded upper back adjustments, full tummy, flat bum, thick thigh adjustments – and so many more!  If all this seems overwhelming, don’t worry.  Each adjustment comes with step-by-step instructions and loads of pictures to help the reader along.  The Fit Clinic uses the patterns included with the book, so you don’t have to search for that old pattern that you gave up on because the fit was so off. 







Speaking of the patterns, Chapter 3 is all about the five new Cashmerette patterns that are only available in “Ahead of the Curve”.  The patterns are:


Kersoe Top – A woven V-neck sleeveless top

Honeybourne Dress – A darted woven fit and flare dress

Stanway T-shirt – A knit t-shirt with raglan shoulder seams

Foxhill Dress – A knit dress with princess seams and a V neckline

Magna Pants – Woven, slim leg pants with back darts and an elastic back


These garments are modeled by curvy sewists who are profiled throughout the book, and I loved how Jenny included everyday people as models.  Too often, if you’re a curvy or plus-sized person, you see the same type of “acceptable” curvy body represented.  (You know what I’m talking about).  This inclusion was so refreshing and really highlights the care and love that Jenny poured into this book.  At a time when companies are finally seeing the importance of more inclusive sizing, it’s nice to see a product that treats curvy sewists with the respect we deserve instead of as a begrudging afterthought.  “Ahead of the Curve” is available now for purchase in the UK and launches in the US tomorrow on November 9.  No matter where you’re located, you can purchase this must-have book by going here.








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