Closet Core Sienna Maker Jacket

Closet Core Sienna Maker Jacket


Here in the American South, we’re entering a strange faux autumn season. The day will start out mild and crisp but end hot and humid. It’s the perfect time to start rocking some layered looks that will work with this ever-changing weather. Luckily for me, Minerva has this gorgeous sunset-colored cotton canvas by Art Gallery that’s absolutely perfect for a light to medium jacket. I wanted the jacket to look cute, of course, but I also wanted it to be very functional. That’s why I decided to make the Sienna Maker Jacket by Closet Core Patterns. The fabric and sewing pattern proved to be the combination I needed to see me through actual autumn; although this jacket can definitely be worn year-round. (And why wouldn’t I? Look at how cute it is!).


The fabric I received from Minerva is called Art Gallery Fabrics Boscage Cotton Canvas in the color Pua Sunset. The fabric has a really cool damask pattern on a burnt orange background. The design inspiration comes from Borneo, but to me the design and stylized curves is slightly reminiscent of Aztec stone art. Either way, I dig it! Canvas can often feel a bit stiff, but this fabric softened after a cycle in the wash. The fabric is on the heavier side of medium weight and has a looser weave typical of canvas fabrics. I wouldn’t make a full dress or pants out of this fabric, but for outerwear it’s perfect. This fabric frays slightly, so be sure to fully finish the garment’s seams, so the fraying won’t be an issue later. For an added challenge, try some pattern matching. I thought about it but decided to focus on completing this “new to me” pattern instead.







Sienna is a utility jacket that’s fairly different from my normal makes, but the design is so stylish that I couldn’t pass it up. Influenced by French chore jackets from the late 1800s, this knee-length jacket is unlined (but there’s a sewalong to show you how to add a lining if you’d like) and features a long belt that uses a pair of D rings to close. I made Sienna in View A, which has two large front pockets, an exterior breast pocket and an inside pocket. I’m a sucker for garments with lots of pockets! For such a complicated garment, the instructions were easy to follow and straightforward. I also took advantage of the Sienna sewalong and that cleared up any confusion I had while sewing. I made zero adjustments to the pattern while sewing and it turned out dang good, if I say so myself ?


I completed Sienna over the course of a weekend with plenty of breaks throughout. It’s such a satisfying project that I’m thinking of making View B in a chambray or light denim fabric. ‘Tis the season for jackets and sweaters, so don’t be surprised if you start seeing me crank out more outerwear. They are ideal transition pieces especially since it’s not quite time to switch off the AC.








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