Friday Pattern Company Saguaro Set

Friday Pattern Company Saguaro Set


It’s launch day and Friday Pattern Company has just dropped another gorgeous pattern!  When I first tried this on, I did an unintentional little shimmy – that’s how I knew it would be a banger!  Introducing the Saguaro Set – a woven top and pants set for all your spring and summer activities.  You could probably lengthen the sleeves and switch up the fabric to make a cute set to take you all the way into fall.  Such an adorable pattern deserves an equally adorable fabric, so I pulled out my Garden Blooms Lenzing™ Ecovero Twill by Blackbird Fabrics.  I think it’s a perfect pairing, if I do say so myself 😊  The Saguaro Set is available in sizes XS-7x (32-60 inch chest and up to a 63 inch hip) and is currently on sale for 20% off.  Just use the code SAGUARO20 for the discount.


I was fortunate enough to test the Saguaro Set before its release into the wild and even in its testing form, this set was a delight to sew.  Once I sewed this bad boy up, I instantly got glam to take pictures.  It’s so breezy and beautiful and is customizable enough to fit anyone’s personal taste.  For example, the top features a deep plunging neckline and was drafted for a B cup.  Since I’ve never been a B cup (I seriously went from an A to a C in high school – good, non-traumatizing times 😒), I knew that I needed to alter the top to keep my G cups contained.  After playing around with the fit and the neckline, I decided to lengthen the top by 1.5 inches and raise the neckline 4 inches from the neckline notch.  Raising the neckline creates a bit of a gap at the bust, but this is easily remedied by edgestitching the neckline.  Because of the neckline alterations, I skipped the optional drawstring and relied on the comfy elastic band to keep everything neat.  The length of the top is perfect for me.  I can easily pull down the top to give me the look of a jumpsuit, but I can flash a bit of skin when I want.







The pants are pretty perfect as-is and they have wonderfully large pockets.  You know how much I love pockets!  The only alterations I made to the pants were to trim two inches from the length and widen the 3/8 inch hem to ½ inch.  Like the top, the pants have an elastic band and optional drawstring.


As always, working with fabric from Blackbird Fabrics was a joy.  The Garden Blooms twill was actually part of my first Blackbird Fabrics order.  When I saw it last June, I instantly fell in love and have held on tightly to this fabric ever since.  Once I saw the Saguaro Set, I knew it was destined for my beloved Garden Blooms.  The pattern’s simple silhouette allows the fabric’s design to blossom (or bloom 😉).  I really can’t say enough wonderful things about it.  This set is definitely joining me on vacation, so don’t be surprised if you see me wearing it constantly throughout spring and summer.









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